Texas State Merit Scholarship

Students applying without an ACT or SAT score, and who are ranked in the top 35% of their class, will receive an academic review of their admission application for Texas State Merit Scholarship consideration. These scholarships are based on the academic review performed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and are subject to the availability of funding. Qualified residents and nonresidents (including international students) will be reviewed provided you are admitted to Texas State as a first-time incoming freshman and meet the minimum scholarship qualifications prior to your first semester (fall or spring). If you are a nonresident receiving a Texas State Merit Scholarship, you may also qualify to pay the in-state tuition rate for the same period covered by your scholarship.

Texas State Merit Scholarship

Award Amount Eligibility Criteria


No SAT or ACT score

Top 35% of graduating class


IB diploma or AP Capstone Diploma

Student will receive an academic review of their application, which will include consideration of their high school curriculum, level of courses taken, high school rank/percentile, and grades earned.


Renewal Criteria (must meet all)

  • 3.25 cumulative Texas State GPA
  • Complete 28 passing Texas State hours/year (fall/spring)
  • Undergraduate status
  • Currently enrolled and not have earned a bachelor's degree

Additional Information

  • Students enrolled in an online degree program are not eligible to receive institutional scholarships (National, Assured, Merit or competitive departmental and college scholarships).
  • These scholarships are renewable for up to four years (or eight continuous semesters) based upon required academic performance.
  • The annual enrollment renewal requirement (28 Texas State hours) considers all completed credit hours with passing grades, regardless if they count toward your degree or if they are repeat courses. Completed credit hours exclude (CR) credit by exam hours (Advanced Placement and CLEP). 
  • Students receiving their last year of funding may qualify for an exception to the full-time enrollment requirement. Scholarships are split evenly between the fall and spring semesters, students who graduate early cannot receive the entire annual award in their final semester.
  • Any combination of financial aid and scholarships cannot exceed the cost of attendance.
  • The Texas State Merit Scholarship cannot be combined with a Freshman Assured Scholarship (President’s Honor, Texas State Achievement, or Texas State Distinguished Scholarship).
  • If you have become ineligible to receive your scholarship due to your not meeting the renewal requirements, you can file an appeal. The appeal must demonstrate a documented extenuating circumstance that you experienced and led to your not meeting the renewal criteria. Appeal instructions will be emailed to students after spring grades post in May.